DIY: Easy Birdbath

DIY stone birdbath

I wanted to share this easy do-it-yourself project in case there is someone looking to make a birdbath that is both easy and affordable.

You will need:

3 terra cotta flower pots of varying sizes

1 terra cotta saucer

Clear silicone or other glue

Spray paint for the base (I used Krylon black matte)

Course texture spray paint (I used Krylon stone black granite)

Clear spray paint to seal the birdbath


Turn pots upside down and place clear silicone around the top of each pot. There is no need to put too much, as a little bit goes a long way. Slide the pots onto each other and place the saucer on top of the last pot. Let dry completely.

Spray paint the pots and saucer with whatever color you’ve chosen for the base. It is important not to skip this step!  The course texture paint covers more smoothly and evenly by applying it to a base. Let dry, and then follow with 1-2 coats of course texture paint.

Wait at least 24 hours before applying clear paint to complete the birdbath.


Simple as that ~ have fun!

🙂 Christine


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