Mornings in Walnut Creek

walnut creek

I’ve lived in Ohio my entire life, but I’d never visited Walnut Creek until the spring of 2016. Located in Holmes county, the world’s highest Amish population, Walnut Creek is a gorgeous town to visit any season of the year. I’ve visited the area three times since and will be back again this September. (Someday I hope to live here. 🙂 ) It is an incredibly peaceful place that always warms my heart.

walnut creek 2

These photos were all taken during the early morning hours on various trips to Walnut Creek. While many vacationers like to sleep in (including my family), I make it a priority to wake up early, grab some coffee, and head outside to watch the sunrise among the fog. I feel at one with nature and my God who created it, and I cherish every second during this time.

walnut creek 3

walnut creek 4

walnut creek 5

If you’ve never visited this area of Ohio, I encourage you to do so. The shops and restaurants are fantastic, the people are extremely kind, and the scenery is unlike anything I’ve seen.

walnut creek 6

I love it here. ❤

walnut creek 1


🙂 Christine



    • Thanks, Laura! The photo was taken at Yoder’s Amish Farm in Walnut Creek and is one of my favorites. That’s so cool that you make aprons! I sew a little bit (mainly valances), but I’ve never attempted anything like an apron. Would be fun to try though. 🙂


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